Tales from Tuscany

Tuscany Cycling Experience


A cultural and cycling guide to Tuscany

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The Treasures of Tuscany

Tales from Tuscany – The area of Tuscany is a veritable treasure trove of fine art, fine wines, fine foods and extraordinarily beautiful countryside. Tuscany is classic Italy; a region of timeless beauty, rich in culture and liberally sprinkled with vineyards and cypress trees. Visit beautiful and historic cities like Florence, the unique walled ‘city of towers’, San Gimignano, then there is Arezzo, Lucca, Siena, Pisa and Cortona all strikingly beautiful with an abundance of historical artefacts in a region steeped in rustic charm.

It is easy to see why Tuscany is so popular with a diverse range of tourists, there is the sea coast for sun worshippers, the mountain paths for walkers, rolling hills for cyclists, Cultural artefacts for historians and Italian food, wine and hospitality for everyone!


Wine Region

Tuscany is one of the most aesthetically beautiful of the world’s wine regions and is the greatest, most original and most ancient producer within Italy. The major areas such as Chianti Classico and Montalcino, as well as lesser known, but equally delicious, wines of the region such as Vernaccia. The wide range of grape varieties used in the area have helped establish the area’s growing reputation.

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