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Recommend cycling routes in Italy?
Dolomites is one of the most beautiful regions to go cycling, there are many famous climbs used in the Giro d’Italia which give this region added interest for the cyclists to experience. The location offers an array of quality accommodation added to many world famous Michelin star restaurants, there are more Michelin start restaurants in this region than anywhere else in the world. So after a long day in the saddle you will have the reward in eating in some of the best establishments if you wish but the standard of restaurants is already well know in this area with a mix of Italian and Austrian specialities. The cycling as mentioned is hilly but the scenery that you cycle is stunning and the views from the top of the mountains are incredible allowing for long descents.
What are the best places to cycle in Italy?
Chianti and Val d’Orcia (recognised by Unesco as a world heritage area ) here you have a mix of medieval towns and villages with plenty of world famous wine estates in Chianti and Montalcino area which is home to the world Famous Brunello Wine the king of Italian wine – never on the market until at least 4 years old…or visit and the various cheese production such as Percorino Cheese in Pienza.
What is included in the price?
Gusto Cycling offers a variety of bespoke services depending on whether it is cycle hire, luggage service, accommodation or a travel guide. For cycle events such as Gran Fondo, Maratona dles Dolomites or L’Eroica entrance fees to individual events and accommodation is offered. Trip specific itineraries can provide more detail on inclusions.
Which package should I choose?
Gusto Cycling offers an introduction to a variety of unique cycling experiences in Tuscany, be it a cycle event; Gran Fondo, L’Eroica or a Tuscan Biking tour enjoy a healthy break combined with culture, food, wine & amazing historical sights. The Gran Fondo events chosen offer a combination of testing yourself and your friends in a fantastic cycling environment and give you a sense of what it must be like to ride in a professional race. For L’Eroica you will experience the golden age of Italian cycling on the white roads of Tuscany this event takes place in October (see details of the event). On all Gusto Cycling events/tours you can do as much or as little cycling as you wish but our tours do require a minimum level of fitness to really get the most out of your tour.
Why Tuscany?
Tuscany has a great cycling tradition, why is it that so many top amateur and professional cycling teams are either based or have training camps in the region? The terrain in Tuscany is varied offering mountainous challenging routes, hill top medieval towns, plenty of flat runs to the rolling hills of the Chianti region. Combined with it’s strong regional cooking, historical sights and culture, It’s simply fantastic
How fit or experienced should you be?
You can ride as much or as little as you like. In order to get the most out of your trip to, it is important to assess you personal level of fitness when choosing a trip. Gusto Cycling would be happy to offer you advice on the region. A certain level of fitness is required to fully enjoy the cycling experience, if you’re competing in a Gran Fondo or Mountain Biking event I would expect that you are a regular commuter or weekend cyclist used to the rigours of bike riding and challenging distance such as the one your are intending to enter. You’re not expected to win but to enjoy the atmosphere and competitive nature among the many cyclists taking part, which I strongly believe will enhance your experience.
Non-Cycling partner.
If you are thinking of traveling with a non-cycling partner on one of our tours, we recommend that you contact Gusto Cycling to discuss your requirements. Some tours offer more interest to a non-cycling partner than others. Armed with intimate local knowledge of all destinations, we are sure to have the information and insight to assist in planning your tour of a lifetime. If need be we can possibly obtain an electric bike to help with your cycle experience with the group.
How do I reserve a place?
To reserve your place on most cycling packages offered, persons are required please provide complete details of your intended holiday package.
I will be able to provide a detailed package offering within a day or two.
if you have any questions about any aspect of our programme please do not hesitate to contact Marco e-mail marco@gustocycling.com . If you make a reservation before 90 days prior to the trip, a deposit (non-refundable) is due at the time of booking. If you reserve your trip less than 90 days prior to the departure, the full balance is due at the time of booking. Please see below for information on when to book and what to do if you need to cancel
How far in advance do I need to book?
It is best to book as early as possible to secure your place plus to ensure that you are able to book the air transportation of your choice at the most favourable rate. Equally it’s also important to reserve bikes early because the main cycling dates of May/June/September/October are the key touring months to cycle and bike shops generally run out of stock.
At the time of Booking
Gusto Cycling will detail the booking you wish to confirm, make sure it is clear and matches your enquiry. Please check the details and arrange the appropriate payment, an e –mail confirmation will be sent advising whether a deposit or full payment is required deposit is required (non-refundable) to secure the booking (full payment is required 90 days before travel). If the balance is not fully paid at 90 days and a reminder has been sent and no response is given or provided Gusto Cycling have the right to cancel the booking and the deposit is lost.
What if I have to change or cancel my trip?
For Package Holidays – Should you or any member of your party be forced to cancel your booking we must receive notice in writing or by email from the person making the original booking.

The cancellation will take effect from the date that such written notice is received.

The following cancellation charges will apply if the total booking is to be cancelled. The charges are expressed as a percentage of the total holiday price. 90 days or more prior to arrival loss of Deposit. 60 – 89 days prior to arrival: 75% of the total booking value. 59 – 31 days prior to arrival 85% of the total booking value 30 days prior to arrival: 100% of the total booking value. If one person cancels as part of a shared room, then the other person(s) still travelling and staying in the same room will be responsible for paying for shortfall which was refunded.

Refund does not apply to any Registration Fees already paid for events such as L’eroica, Eroica Britannia or Maratona dles Dolomite as examples.

Clients who pay full payment in advance for bike rental – if client has to cancel the following refund policy applies.

Refund for vintage bike for L’eroica events – 50% refund applicable at 3 months before rental date, inside 3 months no refund is applicable

Refund for hire of carbon bikes, hybrid bikes, mtb, all types of electric bikes, 50% refund is applicable outside 60 days, inside 59 days no refund is applicable.
If rental bikes are returned earlier then the rental period, booked and paid for in advance no refund is applicable.

If deposits are paid for a service and the client subsequently cancels no refund is applicable.

All refunds payable will be paid less any bank or service charge payable to Gusto Cycling.

It is important that you purchase adequate holiday insurance cover in order to cover your holiday payments in case of unforeseen circumstances where you have to cancel your holiday.

Do I need travel insurance?
Gusto Cycling highly recommends travel insurance in the event of a medical emergency, lost baggage, or if you need to cancel your trip. In addition it is recommended that EU Nationals hold an EHIC card for reciprocal health care provision within the EU. Online application is available from www.ehic.org.uk
Are transfers included?
Transfers are an extra service and can be arranged at the time of the request.
Is my holiday safe if things go wrong?
In the current financial climate it is re-assuring to know that all Gusto Cycling tours are covered in the event that we cease trading. Gusto Cycling hold a Tour Operator Failure Insurance Scheme taken out with Status Insurance in compliance with the Package Holiday Regulations 1992. In the unlikely event that we cease trading or go into administration, the full value of your holiday will be refunded. Should you be abroad at this time, the policy provides support for repatriation home. Please note, this is not a substitute for adequate personal travel insurance.
What kind of travel documentation do I need?
A valid Passport is required to gain entry to Italy. If you need to apply for a new passport or for its renewal, make such application at least eight weeks before departure. Foreign nationals are advised to contact their local embassy to check their visa requirements. The Department of Health provides health advice for travellers and online application for an EHIC card, giving citizens of member states reciprocal health benefits within the EU. Available from www.ehic.org.uk
If I book a tour, can I be guaranteed that it will run?
All tours are booked independently for you so all arrangements will be confirmed at the time the deposit is booked.
Can you supply Hybrid or Carbon Racing bikes
We have excellent contacts with bike shops and can arrange to have a racing, hybrid, electric bike, tandem or mountain bike at what ever level you require subject to a supplement. Please contact Gusto Cycling for more information.
Bespoke trips for Groups
Gusto Cycling prides itself in offering tailor made Tuscan breaks for groups. Perhaps you would like a cycling training week combined with culture, a gourmet food and wine tour or just something a little more unusual. With our contacts throughout the region I am sure we can come up with an idea to inspire you, that will suit both your taste and your budget.
What kind of accommodation is included in the tour price?
A range of good quality, carefully selected, family run (in most cases) 3/4 star hotels, farmhouse or agritourismo are chosen which have many amenities including areas to set up the bike on arrival, secure location of the bicycles during your stay, some have swimming pools & excellent local Tuscan cuisine. The rooms are clean, comfortable and offer a good standard of accommodation where I would be happy to send my mother! You get all of this, without the overall tour price becoming prohibitively expensive.
Event Participation
Unless you have a racing license you will require a doctors note to confirm you are fit and healthy to take part in a cycling event,(This is not required for L’Eroica event) therefore please make sure you have one in person before you leave. Also for some events a racing license may be required please check details with Gusto Cycling.
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