La Gazzetta Dello Sport

Cyclist enthusiasts will now have a great opportunity to see all the big guns Froome Contador and Niballi racing in Tuscany in March at the Gazzetta Dello Sport! With a reduced crowd and easy access to riders & teams it will be much more fun to watch on March 11th! The event is at Lido …

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Tuscany Wine & Cycle Tours

Biking through the gorgeous terrain of Tuscany, Italy, is one of life’s most magical and memorable leisure vacations any adult could take. The only thing that could make this any better is wine. Biking through Tuscany and sampling the different wines that Tuscan Wine Country has to offer is pure heaven. Most bicycle tours allow …

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Why cycle? Why not? It’s healthy and it’s slow travel – By David Wold

Cycling is one of my passions. Whistling down a road through engaging countryside. Listening to the sweet hum of the tires on the asphalt. Observing the seasons. Smelling their various fragrances. Breathing fresh out-of-doors air. Clearing my mind. Thinking thoughts, sometimes relevant, sometimes not. Recent studies suggest that exercise can be as effective as many …

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L’eroica 2013

Yes, we got an early start and all went very well until the descent to Montalcino. We met a couple of riders by that golf course. One had a broken chain and jammed derailleur. The chain was hot and gummy. I got it all in order and warned him that it would probably break again. …

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Ciao Tutti La Squadra!

I’m Tim, originally from Sheffield but now living between a Tuscan town called Lucca and the Mediterranean flanked Italian riviera. I work as a cycling guide for all kinds of riders and am based at a bike shop in the historic  walled centre of Lucca named chrono bikes. Central/northern Tuscany is one of a few …

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