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Why you must take part in L’eroica 2019?

There are certain cyclists who explored and performed stunts upon hilly areas and curved paths but what’s the point when not showing your talent and skills in front of the whole world? Are you also a cyclist and have never been a part of any cycling event in the past? Well, keep reading this article because you would probably like to change your mind to get ready for one.

An achievable and clear goal is important that help you in motivating you for something and fills up your training by having a certain purpose. You might have scribbled down cycling challenges with your fellow cyclist but what if you would have given the chance of getting a certificate by showing your expertise and skills in an event? So, would you like to go there? Now, you might want to hear which event is going to give you this certificate right? Yes, it is no other event than L’eroica Vintage cycling event.

From some of the recent years now, cycling has always been on top of the events and there are certain people who would like to combine their holiday with their hobby. No doubt, there are so many options like both La Marmotte and L’Etape du Tour offers the chance of racing on a small area of Tour de France. But these kinds of events are for some serious roadies. Because jumping on a bike with tents and living in the wilderness for weeks is not an easy cup of tea for everyone. That’s why L’eroica offers something truly unique for everyone out there who want to enjoy their holidays with fun.

For the first time famous L’eroica cycling event was held was in 1997 and the man who was behind this event was Giancarlo Brocci. The idea of this event was to save gravel roads of Tuscany from getting them replaced with the asphalt. So, this event was a respect for the clean environment, clean cycling, and sustainable living. The meaning of this name is “heroic”. That’s the heroic feeling that attracts so many people around the world to take part in this event.

L’eroica Vintage cycling event is going to be held in Chianti, in the Tuscany region of Italy. It is a unique tradition with the charm of its own. Just imagine yourself riding on a vintage bike and crossing the beautiful and breathtaking landscapes of Crete Senesi, Val d’Orcia, and Crete Senesi. Sounds like a fantasy right? But it is not. You can live up this fantasy. All you need is to take part in this event and live this fantasy in reality. L’eroica Vintage cycling event is fuelled by the outstanding scenery and mouthwatering food and wine with great music.

This event requires no other than vintage bikes. Also, the clothing of the participants must be appropriate for the bike era. The routes are also marked up with permanent signs that made easy for riders to find directions. So, you would not need any GPS along with your ride.

The L’eroica Italy 2019 vintage cycling event now attracts more than 7,000 riders from all around the world. It is an event of the remembrance of food when the biggest drug controversy of cycling was the swing of wine that is red upon the food stops. Apart from the riding event into the beautiful and glorious Peaks of Erocia Tuscany, the festival offers family fun with amazing food, drinks, and music that rewind the history of L’eroica. Also, do not forget to admire the beauty of the areas of Chianti which is with Gaiole, the area of CastelnuovoBerardenga and Brolio, Siena Valdarbia with the Radi, Val d’Orcia with the Lucignanod’Asso, Montalcino, and Crete Senesi along with Asciano and Pieve a Salti.

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