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As a key partner of the L’eroica…I’m now taking BOOKINGS for L’Eroica Registration & accommodation for 2014…and vintage bike rental bikes!!

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L’Eroica is as an amazing event, unique atmosphere, full of colour and traditions of a bygone age….check out the photo’s: cycling, eating and drinking

Are you planning L’eroica 2014!!….i’m able to offer accommodation,registration and can for only limited numbers (supply subject to availability) retro vintage bikes from the 60’s and 70’s…with brake cables above the handlebars, drop down gears and toe clips….

Please read the rules and regulations of the event

See pictures and video of the 2011 event Gusto Style….

The following links are photo’s of the event i took, in 2009 in the press car and 2011 actually participating

Click Here (2011)

Click Here (2009)

This end of season event has a unique atmosphere thanks to the sections of Tuscan dirt roads and because most of the riders use vintage bikes and wear old style wool clothing.

The route winds through stunning Tuscan countryside near Siena and the sections on the white roads or farm tracks takes you back to what it must have been like racing in the 40’s and 50’s. Going Vintage is a great way to savour the camaraderie of cycling

The charm of this event remains unchanged and every year it sees the participation of numerous people from all over the world.

In year 2013, 5,000 riders took part from all over the world. What matters for L’Eroica is the love for cycling and the rediscovery of roads that haven’t been violated by time and asphalt.

Routes that cross the lovely hills of the Sienese landscape. There are four routes available to participants: the longest is 205 km of which 110km is on unpaved roads: the second winds along at 135Km, of which 70km of unpaved roads: the third is 75km, of which 35km are on unpaved roads. The selection concludes with the shortest route of 38km, of which 10km is on unpaved roads. The departure is also staggered, depending on the route chosen:at 5am for those who have selected the longest route to 8.30am for those doing the third and fourth routes.

Gusto Cycling can offer registration, accommodation and a retro bike for the to discuss options.

Click here to see what is this event really like?

38km or 75km Route

135km or 205km Route

The Event

The event was awesome, very charming. So many enthusiasts in one place – can’t go wrong in general‚ the people, the food, the atmosphere – fantastic

“L’Eroica organization: It felt well organized. I would have added a party at the end. And I would have added a stop for water earlier than after 42 km (half the distance!), but that’s about it” 
Gusto Cycling Services

“You did just great. You have been very responsive and service minded, and it’s clear that you want to deliver a great experience. I’m very glad I bumped into you, it made our trip a lot (!) easier. 
Also, your staff was great, very nice fellows. We could also tell they knew a lot about cycling. Even though we weren’t there as cycling enthusiasts, it added a great deal to our experience to hear about the history of the bikes we rented, and to have your guys suggest some improvements etc. As a recommendation for your business, build on that even further. Your guys deliver a big part of the experience.”
information provided: “Very good. I didn’t miss anything”
Registration details and collection: “Again very good. Easy”
Bike rental
“Renting from you made things very easy. And we got three very cool classic bikes. Doing the race for the first time, this was a great (!) service. I remember you saying that we should see this as learning how to ride a bike for the first time. Well, that was exactly how it was. It was as energy consuming for me going downhill as it was going up. It was tough working the brakes, leaning forward from my high position etc etc. Next time I will probably bring my own bike. 
Hotel: The hotel was beautiful and very nice. It would however been easier to live closer to Gaiole, so that you could take more part of the action in the town also at night. But I understand that rooms aren’t easy to find.”
Overall “a fantastic experience. My lessons learned (for me to improve to next time) are:- Get my own bike and spend time adjusting it and learn how to ride it- Bring more water (to endure the first 42 km)- Potentially find accommodation closer to Gaiole(That’s about it!)I will sort out who will join me next year, but I will definitely want to book through you again!
Staffan E., Sweden